Barrel Washer

Barrel Washer

An extensive range of auger based barrel washing systems are available in stainless steel with a cleaning capacity of up to 165,000 lbs. per hour.


  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Fresh water rinse bar complete with solenoid valve
  • Extra optional spray bars available with ozonation
  • Stainless steel access doors to barrel with safety locks and gas
  • struts to assist opening
  • Electrically operated door with remote operation as an option
  • Split bearings top shaft for easy maintenance
  • “D” mould rubber spiral in barrel
  • Hand pump hydraulic single quadrant door using a food safe oil
  • Access hatches to both sides of tank for internal maintenance
  • Auger base tank
  • 20 row 1200mm drying table
  • Available in 1200 or 1500 barrel widths


  • Electrically operated door with
  • remote operation as an option
  • Drag chain for sludge/waste removal
  • Special rinse bar
  • Brush lining for the barrel
  • Full or half pintle lining
  • Star shafts for chip removal

Pintle Lining

Pintle lining strips help with
the cleaning of difficult
crops. The inside of the
barrel washer can either be fully
lines or half lines at the
infeed end.

Unique Smooth Surface Spiral

The “D” mould rubber spiral
prevents potential damage
from trapped foreign
objects. The barrel
washer is given
a flush smooth surface.

Driven Auger Base

The self emptying driven
auger includes all the
controls, allowing you to
regulate the amount of
water and waste discharged
to suit your own conditions

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