Dewatering Tower

Dewatering Tower

Powered by a unique combination of industry proven geotextiles, advanced polymers and the force of gravity, the dewatering tower delivers results that meet or exceed the performance of higher cost systems.


The dewatering tower utilizes a geotextile based process that quickly dewaters large volumes of waste activated sludge resulting in a high solids Concentration that can significantly reduce disposal costs. An integrated system blends polymers with the waste stream to agglomerate the solids as the waste is pumped into the tower. The tower’s innovative vertical design utilizes the force of gravity to compress the solids and push the now clear water through the geotextile material. The water is then collected and available for reuse or to be redirected back to the headworks of the plant. The design also saves space while providing a single operator the ability to transfer the dewatered solids directly into a roll-off container or trailer ready for disposal or a beneficial reuse.


  • Instant startup
  • Single person operation
  • No wash water requirements
  • Dewater 20,000 gallons in an 8 hour shift
  • Complete system including polymer mixing
  • Easily scalable & expandable
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Simple, effective, and efficient design


Solids Capture:

  • 99%

Water Throughput:

  • 20,000 Gallons per Cycle

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