Sludge/Waste Removal

Sludge/Waste Removal

For heavy washing applications a sludge removal system can be supplied which works in conjunction with the auger system to remove heavy soils and sediment from the tank and prolong water lifespan.


  • High capacity and robust solids handling pump
  • Durable rubber chevron elevator belt to handle stones
  • Shared water supply from washer reducing overall water usage
  • Simple valve adjustment to fine tune stone removal
  • Stainless steel construction available
  • Quick releasing door for cleaning and access to tail of elevator
  • Infeed chute available in 900mm, 1200mm and 1800mm widths
  • Gate valve discharge for waste water
  • Open impeller pump which does not require filters



  • 7.5kw Sewabloc

Elevator Motor:

  • 0.75kw 3 phase

Elevator Belt:

  • 600mm wide rubber chevron cleated
  • belt, 25mm high cleats at 250mm pitch with endless belt joints

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