Specialty Smalls Drying Table 

The same simplicity, ease of maintenance and cleaning applies to the Specialty Small Roller Drying Table variant. Intended for the specialty use of smaller crop varieties to ensure the same gentle drying quality and consistency. HJV Engineering’s unique crop drying machines and drive system can be applied to several crop sizes and volumes.

Roller Dryer 

Behind the guards of the HJV Engineering Crop Drying Machines is a unique drive system that promotes the simple replacement of each driving sponge without removing any bearings, sprockets or chains. Additionally, optional air operated squeeze control easily manages the consistent drying of each product. This sponge technology is very different to traditional sponges. When using a closed cell foam sponge, water is not able to penetrate the sponge. This will cause water to be captured only on the top layer, forcing it to easily squeeze from the sponge by the squeeze roller.